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Welcome to Robert Coli's Civil War Relic Room.

All(*) excavated relics featured on this  web site were dug over the past 35 years by Robert Coli  using White's, Nautilus  and Minelab metal detectors on private property with the land owners permission.

Countless hours of relic hunting in the woods and fields of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Florida, Kentucky and Pennsylvania has been a unbelievable experience that I still share with my best digging buddies, Joe Troy, Jerry Jagdman, Jeff Kuykendall, Wieland Johnson, David Guinn, Kenny Copelin, Wayne Austin & Mike Kehoe.

Joe Troy's Relics    Louisiana Buckle

Jerry Jagdman's Relics   Alabama Buckle

Jeff Kuykendall's Relics


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 Dug Apr 24, 2012   View Plate                                                                            















James Keating 14th Regt NYSM  
                                                                                       Dug April 30, 1994      





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