All relics offered on my website are guaranteed to be 100% genuine, you won't find any fakes here. Usually I personally know the person who dug each relic I offer and in most cases I obtained the relic directly from that person. When I obtain a relic from another source and don't personally know the digger my nearly 40 years experience in digging and handling dug Civil War relics guarantees that my experience is something you can trust. In other words you will receive nothing but the real thing. Guaranteed Forever! I will be happy to set up a lay-away plan that works for you. Shipping is actual cost. Also, images on this page can be slow to load because of the high resolution so you can more closely examine each item.

To order any item or ask questions you can email me at robertcoli@comcast.net or you can text me at 540-229-4515.

Front Page Highlight Items:

 1.  CS Richmond Spur - Dug in Gettysburg on private land in the early 80's. Excellent condition and most of the rowel still intact. A real beauty!  $400 View 1  View 2 

Northern State Buttons:

2. Connecticut National Guard Button - This non-dug button is in very nice condition with no issues. The back mark is Scovill MF'G Co. Waterbury.  $20    View 1   View 2

Non-descript Flower Buttons :

3.  Field Made Lead Button - Found in a CS camp in Orange, VA. The soldier flattened out a piece of lead and bored two holes most likely out of necessity. $12 View 


4 CSA Stock Certificate - It is Criswell number 103 and Ball number 139. The $20000 certificate serial number 517 was issued on 15 August 1862.  $110  View 1  View 2

Collector Bullets:

5.  CS "6 Ring" Austrian - MM449 - Very hard to find bullet. This one was dug in Orange, VA. It has two light blemishes and a perfect side. $70  View 1  View 2  View 3 

6.  US Base Three Ringer - This US Base is perfect all the way around. It has a good clear US that does not show up as good in the picture. Trust me. $55 View 1 View 2

Misc Items:

7. Mosby's Raiders Print - Large 13X20 Photo/Print of Mosby's Raiders. Still sealed in factory wrap, ready for framing.   $15   View

8.  Melted US Bit Rosette - It took a hot fire to melt this US Bit Rosette. Found in Culpeper. You can see where the molten brass pooled on one side. $20 View 1 View 2

9.  Plain Brass Rosette - This thick solid rosette was dug in an area occupied by both sides near Brandy Station. Perfect condition. $20 View 1  View 2 


10. Back Issues of North South Trader Magazine - If there is a particular issue you need send it to me and if I have it (and I most likely do) its yours for $12. View

11. Confederate Handguns by William A. Albaugh, III - Original 1963 edition. The book is in good, solid condition with minor wear. $55  View

12. Confederate Arms by Willian A. Albaugh, III - 2nd and final printing, 1960 Edition. The book is in good solid condition but the dust cover is in tatters. $55  View

13. The Civil War Through The Camera - Part 11 of a 16 part series published by Patriot Publishing Company in 1912. Near mint condition.  $19  View