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All relics offered on my website are guaranteed to be 100% genuine, you won't find any fakes here. Usually I personally know the person who dug each relic I offer and in most cases I obtained the relic directly from that person. When I obtain a relic from another source and don't personally know the digger my nearly 40 years experience in digging and handling dug Civil War relics guarantees that my experience is something you can trust. In other words you will receive nothing but the real thing. Guaranteed Forever! I will be happy to set up a lay-away plan that works for you. To order any item you can email me at relichunt@comcast.net or call or text me at 540-229-4515.


- Belt Buckles & Plates -


-US Belt Plate - Nice US belt buckle dug in Culpeper, Virginia in the 1990's by a local relic hunter. No repairs, minor lead flaking on back. Arrow style hooks $195.00   View I  View II


- US Box Plate - This US cartridge box plate was dug in Culpeper, Virginia within the last few years. It was made by Boyd & Sons Boston and is stamped lightly in the lead on the back. All letters are visible but some are weak. The iron wire attachments hooks are mostly gone.  View I   View II



- Identified Items -

Union Soldier's Field Made ID Tag - This field made Identification Disc was found by my cousin, George Rochevot back on March 29, 1997 in a camp I took him to in Culpeper, Va. It is a flattened piece of lead and the soldier carved the following into the face: "H. McLane Co. A 104 NYV. It is very legible and neatly done. Includes military and pension records. $199.00   View


- Buttons -


- Reverse Eagle I Button - This Eagle I button was dug in Fredericksburg, Va. What sets the button apart from most eagle I buttons is the arrows are reversed and in the left (facing you) talon instead of the right. Albert listed this button in his book as GI87. This button is often overlooked and would make a nice inexpensive addition to your collection. $23.00    View I    View II


- Artillery Shells -

-Confederate Burton Shell - This Burton was dug in the early 1980's in Brandy Station. The sabot is missing. The iron is strong and clean with no flaking. This shell is 100 percent inert and rendered harmless. $195.00   ViewView II


    - Misc Items -

-1925 Stone Mountain Commemorative Half Dollar - Proceeds from the sale of these coins went to the expense of carving the Confederate leaders and soldiers on Stone Mountain in Georgia. The Stone Mountain memorial was completed and dedicated in 1970. This particular coin is in very good circulated condition with a minor blemish here or there. $39.00    View I    View II


-Almost Brand New Whites TRX PinpointerWell I bought this Whites TRX Pinpointer new about a month ago after I lost mine back in the woods. I returned to the camp where I lost it figuring I would continue digging relics and stumble upon my lost pinpointer at some point. After two trips and not finding the pinpointer I bought a new one. Two weeks later I went back to that camp and sure enough there it was. Now I have two pinpointers and my old one still works just fine. I will keep the old one and sell you the new one. The cost of the new Whites TRX is $159.00 but you can have mine that is only a month old for $99.00 Compare to a new one at: http://www.whiteselectronics.com/bullseye-trx-pinpointer     View